Weekly Contact–August 18, 2016

Hello there,

Next week school starts for most kids in our community which means we are coming to the end of another very successful summer FLY lunch program.  I want to say a big THANK YOU to all who helped out in any way from donating drink boxes to making and distributing lunches.  Jesus said that when we do something for the littlest and the least we do it for him.  So you have been working out your faith in the best way possible and many are grateful for it.

This Sunday in worship a handbell quartet will be playing three different pieces, which will be lovely.  It will be the last you will see the handbells for a few months as they are being sent off to be refurbished, cleaned and tuned.  Carol Jansen was a member of our bell choir for many years and when she passed away she remembered our church in her will.  We are using some of that money to do this necessary maintenance to our bells, which is rather pricey.  Perhaps you would like to consider FPC Marion in your estate planning, so that the ministries you care about will continue on.  If you have any questions or would like more information, please come and talk to me.

I will be preaching this week on a fascinating healing story from Luke 13:10-17.  There is some interesting word play in this text.  Take a look if you get the chance.  My sermon title is “Straightening It All Out.”

We will be having our Barney training after worship on Sunday.  Barney is short for Barnabas, who helped Paul to be accepted and welcomed into the early church.  Barneys work with those who are interested in becoming members of our church.  If you are interested in learning more, come to the chapel after worship.

Be sure you have the church picnic marked on your calendar for Sunday, August 28th at around 11:15.  Hot sandwiches and cold drinks will be provided.  Bring a dish to share.

Finally, what is your favorite Old Testament Bible story?  Moses and the Red Sea?  David and Goliath?  Queen Esther?  Pastor Beth and I would like to preach on your favorite story sometime in the fall.  Think about what it might be and be ready to vote for it in a few weeks.

Stay in One Peace,