Weekly contact- August 14, 2014

Hello there,

The Session and Personnel Committee are pleased to announce that they have made some progress in staffing for the music ministry for our church.   The plan is to continue from September to May with the same schedule and format of worship services as we have had over the past few years.  During this time we as a church need to assess our entire worship ministry.  In the meantime, we are delighted to inform you that Paul Holstein is willing to serve as both our Interim Chancel Choir director and Interim Music Coordinator.  For now these are two separate positions, but Paul is willing to handle both of them.

As choir director, Paul will direct the Chancel Choir (obviously), running rehearsals, selecting appropriate music, leading the choir introits and anthems during the traditional 9:00 worship service.   This position is considered a 9 month position, roughly from September to May.

As Music Coordinator, he is responsible for scheduling and coordination between all musical groups at FPC (bell choirs, children and youth choirs, etc.)  He is also responsible for recruiting soloist and other special music, finding supplemental musicians (i.e. brass accompaniment for Easter, etc., etc.) arranging for special music during the summer months, and therefore this is considered to be a 12 month position

It is wonderful that Paul is willing to step into this important leadership position at this time and I am confident that the choir and the congregation will be supportive and encouraging.  In the meantime we continue to look for someone to direct the Praise Team for the Synergy service for the coming year.  I have been in contact with local churches, musicians, colleges and seminaries.  I have also posted an ad on Craig’s List.  If you would like to see it, click here.  But the best way for us to find someone is through a personal connection.  You might very well know someone who would be interested in doing this.  If so, have them contact me.

After 22 years of dedicated service, it is a real challenge to fill in the gap left by Laurel Klinkenberg.  Change and transition are always difficult, but we feel blessed to have such talented and dedicated people within our own congregation.   If you have any suggestions questions or concerns, feel free to contact me or the members of the Personnel Committee.

In the meantime, you won’t want to miss this coming Sunday.  Once again the youth of our church (along with a few who are young at heart) have put together a fun little band.  They really sound great and will be playing two numbers “He’s Got the Whole World” and “Swing Low”.  I am wrestling with a difficult text for the sermon, Matthew 15:21-28.  Look it up and you will see what I mean.  As I write this I have not yet even decided on a title.  So come on Sunday and see how it all works out.

Stay in One Peace!



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