Weekly Contact- April 6, 2017

Hello there,

Just a couple of hours and a little effort, that is all we are asking for.  Holy Week is upon us, a time when we get more visitors.  And just as you like to have your house picked up before company drops in, so we would like to have the grounds cleaned up.  So we are having our spring clean-up this coming Saturday morning starting at 8:30. It looks like the weather will be perfect.  We want to rake out the leaves and trash that has collected around the bushes, sweep up the sand and grit out of the parking lot, and just get things looking better.  So bring rakes, brooms, and whatever power tools you have to get the job done.  I will bring the donuts.

It is Palm Sunday this week. So bring your decorated Lenten cross.  Already a number of them have been turned in and they are wonderful.  Also, in addition to your creative expression, be sure to put your name on it so that you can get it back after Easter.

It is Palm Sunday this week!! We have a wonderful service planned.  We have inspiring music by the brass ensemble led by Bob Roussell.  You may recall they played back at Christmas time and were just fantastic.  The choir has some wonderful anthems planned along with the children processing and waving palms. Pastor Beth is preaching and her sermon title is “Celebrity Jesus”.

Finally, just as a reminder, we will be having our usual Holy Week services with a Maundy Thursday communion service on April 13th at 6:30 in the evening.  That service will be in the sanctuary.  And there will be a Good Friday communion service on April 14th at 1:00 in the chapel.  We will also have a children’s Easter party at 10:00 on Saturday, April 15th.

Stay in One Peace!



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