Weekly Contact- April 5, 2013

Hello there,

This is going out a day late, and I do apologize for that.  I was up at the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary, yesterday, to attend a lecture series by the Rev. Dr. Anna Carter Florence.  She is the preaching professor at the Columbia School of Theology in Atlanta.  Dr. Carter Florence is very bright and insightful.  She compared dealing with Biblical texts to the story of Jacob wrestling with the angel.  Jacob holds on to this stranger saying, “I will not let you go until you bless me.”  Sometimes we let go of a difficult text too soon and miss out on the blessing.  However, sometimes we hold on and we do receive a blessing, but we walk away limping and are never the same again.  Food for thought…

There is a lot going on around FPC.  This Sunday is Youth Sunday.  The High School youth are launching a Thirty Hour Famine today and will be fasting as a way to raise money for world hunger.  This will be the theme of both services on Sunday.  We also will have trombonist Todd Schendel playing a wonderful offertory.

Between services, Chris Annis is making a special presentation in the Chapel.  Chris graduated with an art degree from the University of Iowa and will be tracing the history of how Jesus has been depicted in art down through the centuries.  Many of these representations have been affected by the social and political situations of the time.

If you are at all good at trivia, you might be interested in a Trivia Night fund raiser for Camp Wyoming.  It will be next Friday, April 12, here in Marion at the Knights of Columbus hall.  Let Pastor Beth know if you are interested.

Finally, jazz saxophonist, Ray Blue will be joining us on Sunday, April 14.  He will be in both worship services that morning and then will put on a concert that afternoon at 3:00.  It is always great to have Ray Blue in town.

Stay in One Peace,