Weekly Contact- April 21, 2016

Hello there,

As you may know most Sundays we use the Revised Common Lectionary for the sermon text.  This is a collection of four readings that typically include one from the Old Testament or the book of Acts, one from the Psalms, one from a gospel and one from the epistles assigned for each Sunday, on a three year cycle.   Therefore the Lectionary texts used in 2016 are the same ones that were assigned for 2013 and 2010, and will probably come up again in 2019.

In some churches they read all four passages each Sunday.  Most of the time we only read the text for the sermon.  But there are times when we read more than one, or we use another reading in a different way.  For example, this week the Call to Worship used in the first service is based on the psalm assigned for this week.

Sometimes the connection between these four readings is very clear.  At other times it is hard to see if there is any link at all.  But the purpose behind the Lectionary is to encourage pastors and worship leaders to use all of the Bible and not just stick with favorite passages.

Although Pastor Beth and I only use one of the texts, you might find it interesting to read the other three.  So starting in May, we will be listing the Lectionary readings for each Sunday in the First Press. The readings for this Sunday, April 24th, are Acts 11:1-18, Psalm 148, Revelation 21:1-6, and John 13:31-35.

This Sunday I will be wrapping up our three week sermon series about Simon Peter that I have been calling Peter’s Progress.  I will be using the Acts 11 text and my subtitle is “Who Can Hinder God?”  The Chancel Choir will be singing.  It will be a great Sunday and I hope you can make it.

Stay in One Peace,