Weekly Contact- April 10, 2014

Hello there,

First off, THANK YOU to all who helped with our grounds clean-up yesterday afternoon.  The parking lot and other areas look so much better and we really appreciate your efforts

This Sunday our Lenten journey comes to an end.  It is Palm Sunday, of course, but this year we will also be focusing on the passion of our Lord as he suffered an died on the cross for our sins.  To help us, we have invited a special guest preacher.  Rodney Bluml is a spiritual director at the Priariewoods Spirituality Center in Hiawatha.  He holds a Master of Divinity degree from St. Thomas University and was on the staff of St. Joseph’s Catholic church before he came to Prairiewoods.  Rodney is part of the group of clergy Pastor Beth and I meet with on Tuesday mornings to discuss the texts we are preaching on.

Rodney will be working with one of the illuminations from the St. John’s Bible.  In 1998, St. John’s Abbey, up in the Twin Cities, commissioned a hand lettered Bible utilizing master calligraphers and artists.  During the month of May, reproductions of some of these pages will be on display at Prairiewoods.  If you would like to learn more about the St. John’s Bible, click here.

Of course, the Cherub and Chancel Choirs will be singing in the first service.  You are reminded to bring your “fish banks” for the offering to benefit One Great Hour of Sharing.   It will be a great celebration and a good lead in to Holy Week.

There are a lot of other activities going on.  On Saturday afternoon there will be pasta dinner fund raiser to benefit Marion Cares.  It will be from 4:00 to 7:00 at Vernon Middle School.

We are planning an intergenerational mission trip involving both adults and youth.  The dates are June 8-14.  If you would like more information there will be a meeting this coming Sunday at 10:15, in the chapel.

Finally, we have some light bulbs burned out in the sanctuary.  Changing them involves getting high up in the air on ladders or scaffolding.  So we are looking for some help.  If you think you have a way to do it, or you might know of someone who could, please let me know.  We could just call an electrician, but that would be rather pricey just to change light bulbs.  We are open to suggestions.

Stay in One Peace,