Weekly Contact 7-11-13

Hello there,

The elevator is paid for!   Thank you to everyone who contributed to make this happen.  A huge thank you goes to Norma Schmatt for providing the momentum to get this done.  She offered to match any gift up to $6,000.  She told me she would have given it outright, but she wanted to encourage others to give as well.  It worked.  Others came through, including some very generous donations that wiped out the debt.  Now our sanctuary is easily accessible to anyone.  This elevator will be a blessing for years to come.

The elevator is probably under our “internally nurturing” category.  So let’s go to some “externally serving” stuff.  We will be hosting for Family Promise, July 28 to August 4th.  As per usual, we need some help; everything from setting up and tearing down the basement in the Mission House to preparing meals, staying overnight, etc.  Sheila Myers will be down in the social room following worship with a sign up sheet.  If you are wondering if all our efforts are doing any good, here is part of an e-mail that Sheila sent me:

The mom and 2 daughters who stayed with us in May will be moving into their apartment next week.  What’s interesting about it is that they chose to live in Marion.  The mom told the Family Promise director that she is hoping to volunteer at our church when we host families in the future.  Our volunteers that week in May really made an impression on this family.

This mom that we helped wants to “pay it forward.” That is what externally serving is all about.

Speaking of “paying it forward,” our high school youth safely returned last week after a very successful mission trip out to Boston and back.  Along the way they stayed at some churches, including my old congregation in Webster, NY.  They were very appreciative of such kindness and hospitality.  Now, we will get a chance to be the hosts.  You may remember Rob Smith, who served as our seminary intern 3 years ago.  He is now the pastor of a church in Apple Valley, MN, and he is bringing his youth group down to stay in our Mission House, this Saturday night.  They are of on their mission trip.

So there is a lot going on.  Even so, it will be another great Sunday.  We continue our sermon series on the Lord’s Prayer.  Pastor Beth is preaching about “Forgive us our sins, as we forgive others…”  Michael England will be playing the trombone and Nicole Theis will be playing the piano.

Stay in One Peace,