Weekly Contact

Pastor Howard and Judy are still at Synod School where I am certain they are having a nice and relaxing time.  So, it falls to me, Pastor Beth, to do the Weekly Contact this week.  After last time’s opps that people thought Pastor Howard wanted to grow up to be Wonder Woman I thought it was wise to let you know up front who was writing this time.

As some of you know I love Mr. Rogers.  I grew up watching Mr. Rogers Neighborhood and later found out why I loved him so much…he was a Presbyterian minister.  I guess this means I was called to be a pastor even then.  As I was working on this Sunday’s service my thoughts went back to Mr. Rogers.  He says, “It’s really easy to fall into the trap of believing that what we do is more important than what we are.  Of course, it’s the opposite that’s true:  What we are ultimately determines what we do!”  We are Disciples of Christ and therefore called to do mission and that is what this Sunday is all about.

The service this Sunday will be led by the youth who went on the mission trip to Boston in July.  15 youth + 4 adults + 2 additional drivers + 3 vans and over 40 hours spent traveling = a wonderful week serving the people of Lynn, MA.  Several of the youth will be talking about their experiences and what they did.  The music will also be provided by the mission trip group so you will not want to miss it.

After the service grab a cookie and head into the chapel where the group who went to Triennium will share their pictures and stories.  The youth have had a full summer of service, Bible Study, and fellowship and this will be a wonderful Sunday to hear all about it.

There are some exciting opportunities for mission in the coming weeks.  One of those is helping with Family Promise.  As of right now 3 families who are without permanent housing will be staying in the mission house starting July 28th.  If you are interesting in volunteering next week please contact Shelia Myers.

FPC is having a Habitat for Humanity work day.  A group from our church will be working to build a deck on Aug. 3.  We need people of ALL skill level.  Jo Dillon will be in the social hall after worship to sign you up and answer any questions you may have.

Mr. Rogers was called to work with children and help us all to recognize who our neighbors are.      So, may you be a good neighbor.