Special Email: Music Edition

With the changes in the worship schedule for this fall, there will also be changes coming to the music component of the service.  All the music programs and opportunities, Chancel Choir, Adult Bells, Praise Team and children’s music, will continue.  The various groups will participate in the one, 9:00am service on an irregular, rotating schedule.  More information about which group will be part of a particular Sunday will be included in the regular Weekly Contact email.

Additional members are always needed in all the groups.   Musicians of all abilities are encouraged to come to rehearsals and join in the fun.  The Chancel Choir, under the direction of Paul Holstein, rehearses at 7:00 Wednesday evenings in the Choir Room.  The first rehearsal will be August 28th.  Chancel Bells, under the direction of Tim Hein, rehearsed Monday evening from 6:45 to 7:30 in the Bell Room.  Those rehearsals begin on September 9th.  Sam Raiche leads the Praise Team and they rehearse Sunday morning in the Sanctuary prior to the service they help lead.

The children’s Wednesday evening program, Refuel, will continue to have a music component and will participate in church services throughout the fall.

All these musical groups are an important part of the Sunday worship service.  Additional members are needed in all groups to ensure they can continue to help enhance our worship experience.  Please prayerfully consider whether you could help.

If you have any questions, please contact the church office.