January 8, 2015

Hello there,

My grandmother had a saying and maybe yours did too, “When the days grow longer, the cold grows stronger.”  We certainly have experienced that this week, haven’t we?  But the days getting longer links into the church season of Epiphany.  We are through Advent and Christmas and now we celebrate the Light of the World appearing and driving away the darkness.  Each morning it is getting lighter a little earlier and dusk comes a little later.  It is something that is subtle and easy to overlook, but makes a tremendous difference.  So it is with Christ coming to us.  Unless we are paying attention, we may not notice, but something is definitely happening.

The first Sunday of Epiphany is traditionally a celebration of the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River by John the Baptizer.  So I will be preaching on the version of this story that is found in Mark 1:4-11, but I will also bring in an interesting reference to John found over in Acts 19:1-7.  My sermon is entitled “Golden Repairs.”  The Chancel choir will be singing at the first service.

The youth will serve a pancake breakfast between services on Sunday, so come to church hungry.  We hope you will make a generous donation that will benefit the summer mission trip.

Helen Fernow is turning 100 on Saturday.  She still lives in her own home and there will be an open house celebration from 2:00 to 4:00.  If you know Helen, you are invited and I am sure she would be delighted if you would stop by on her big day.

Finally, if you serve on a committee or are part of some other organization in the church, this is your reminder that the annual reports are due next Tuesday.

Stay in One Peace,