February 5, 2015– Weekly Contact

Hello there,

So we had a little snow last Sunday.  About 25 individuals braved the weather and made it in for our 9:00 service.   If you stayed home, good for you!  If you think the conditions are such that it is unwise to travel, then, by all means, stay home.

But those of us who made it had a wonderful time.  We began worship in the sanctuary with an opening hymn, silent prayer of confession, and a beautiful rendition of “How Great Thou Art” offered by the faithful remnant of the Chancel Choir.  We then had the “Ritual of Friendship” which involved moving down to the social room and picking up a plate of delicious breakfast casserole and a cup of coffee and sitting around the tables for a brunch Bible study based on the text for the morning, Psalm 111.  We had a closing prayer, remembering those who were sick and those who are grieving.  We sang “Jesus Loves Me,” a capella, had benediction and we were done.  It was fun but also meaningful.

We did not have a quorum for the annual congregational meeting, (we need at least 45) so we will have the meeting following the first service at around 10:00 this coming Sunday, the 8th.  At this point it looks like the weather is cooperating.

Last Sunday was supposed to be the first of a two part sermon series entitled “The ABC’s of Faith,” focused on Psalms 111 and 112.  Well, sometimes things do not go exactly the way we plan and we just have to roll with it.  We did our Bible study on Psalm 111, so I intend to go ahead with Psalm 112 because there are some important lessons there.  Those of you who did come last week will have a bit of a leg up on the rest, and there will be some review.  But most of it will be new and fresh, so I do hope you will be there.  Our special music in the first service will be the children playing the Rainbow Bells.

Stay in One Peace,




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