Extending the Table

At FPC Marion, when we gather in worship for the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper we extend the bread and cup to those who are homebound or in care facilities.  This is usually done by a team of two or three church officers (elders or deacons) who visit those individuals who are physically unable to come to church.  Most of the time, this is done immediately following the worship service.  The pastors on staff may or may not accompany these officers.

We do this as a way to include homebound church members in regular celebration of the sacrament. This is an important way to connect with our homebound members, reassuring them that they are still a part of our congregation’s worship. It is equally important to remind those of us who are able to come to worship that our church extends beyond the company of those present in the sanctuary.

This provision for extending the table creates the possibility of serving homebound members every time the congregation celebrates the Lord’s Supper, serving isolated members on the same day, and from the same table as the rest of the church. Elders and deacons are sent out of the church to serve those who are unable to be present in the sanctuary, just as though they were in the last pew

If you would like more information contact one of the pastors or the church office.