Weekly Contact -February 6, 2014

Hello there,

Three weeks ago in my “weekly contact” note, I passed along to you a thank you note we had received from the father of a family who had stayed in our church during the week we were hosts for Family Promise.    He appreciated all our efforts to help his family get back on their feet.  This week we received word that this same gentleman has recently found a job and his wife has completed here Certified Nursing Assistance training at Kirkwood.  So she should be able to find work as well.  By all indications this family should soon be bringing in a steady income, be able to find an apartment, and set up their home.  It is one more indication that this ministry is working and we thank God for letting us be a part of something so worthwhile.

Last week I preached about doing justice, loving kindness, and walking humbly with God.  The work we do with Family Promise, Marion Cares, FLY, the Food Pantry, etc., is all doing just that.  This week my text will be Matthew 5:13-20, which is all about being salt and light.  My sermon title is “Shine Your Light.”  At the first service, the Middle School Bells will be playing the introit and the adult Chancel Bells will be playing the special music.

Camp Wyoming is hosting a Trivia Night, tomorrow evening, February 7th, at the Marion Knights of Columbus, 5650 Kacena Ave, just off of Highway 13.   There will also be a silent auction.  Doors open at 6:00, but the trivia competition won’t begin until 7:00.  The cost is $10 per person and it is a lot of fun.  If you would like more information, contact Pastor Beth.

Finally, yesterday I needed some information so I went to the website for the Presbytery of East Iowa.  I was rather surprised at what popped up on their front page.  If you would like to see for yourself, click here.

Stay in One Peace,


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