First Press Weekly – 2-6-20

 Dear Members and Friends,

             This Sunday following worship is an opportunity for you to participate in the self-study process, one of the necessary steps to take on the road to forming a pastor nominating committee.

             We will gather around tables in the Social Hall. Bring something with which you can write or, if you forget, bring one of the pencils from a pew rack in the sanctuary.

             This shouldn’t take an hour. If we allow time for beverage and a cookie, we can begin at 10:15 and finish about 11:15.

             The Self-Study Committee will use the information you provide together with other material it has gathered and will be gathering.

             Roger Dana moderates the Self-Study Committee, and its members include Lois Foster, Cal Schacht, and Andrea Joyner.

             We have published the Session committees and names of committee moderators recently. This information is given here a second time in case you missed its first publication or misplaced it.

 Ÿ   Adult Christian Ed/Evangelism & Membership – Roger Dana, moderator 

Ÿ   Building and Grounds – Grant Dancey, moderator

Ÿ   Finance, Endowment & Memorials – Kathy Hayes, moderator 

Ÿ   Mission – Lois Foster, moderator

Ÿ   Personnel – Kari Raiche, moderator

Ÿ   Worship – Marta Pumroy, moderator

Ÿ   Youth & Children Christian Education – Andrea Joyner, moderator

 With gratitude,