Dear Members and Friends,

 How do we respond to COVID-19? Do we cancel worship? Do we wait to cancel worship until there are people who have the virus or are in quarantine in Marion or Cedar Rapids?

 After extensive conversation with members and Session, I think the proper response is to cancel worship this week and next. Absent wide-spread testing, we do not have information about the depth and breadth of exposure to COVID-19. Waiting for proof of its spread means waiting until someone is sick and then we become part of the problem rather than part of prevention. Other large institutions are closing out of precaution. This is not a time for us to be an outlier.

 Please understand this decision as one of care and safety. We will also be closed Sunday, the 22nd.

 We are not prepared to stream worship this Sunday. I encourage you to worship God with the congregation at First Presbyterian Church, Mt. Vernon, at 9:30 a.m. Sunday at this link:

 We will stream worship from here beginning the 22nd.

 We are putting steps in place to reach out to members by phone, email, and cards.

 I pray that you remain in good health and that it will not be long before we come together again for worship.

 With gratitude,


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