Coffee Conversation

Dear Members and Friends,


We did it. We held our first coffee conversation via Zoom this morning. What a joy to see each other. It mostly worked; one person had a picture, but no sound; another had sound, but no picture; and many had difficulty at first, but, with plenty of regular old smartphone conversation, finally connected.


The group that talked today will be invited to another chat. If you’d like to be able to see people face-to-face and have conversation in one of these chats, let me know and I’ll set up more. By the way, I’ve received some questions that need to be answered.


Question: “I thought we weren’t using the church building. How can we have a chat or meetings there?”

Answer: These chats and meetings are entirely online.


Question: “Do I need to have a smartphone?”

Answer: No. You can use a computer, tablet, or smartphone to see faces. You can use a landline telephone to join the conversation. If you use a landline, you will be heard and can talk, but you won’t be able to see anyone or be seen.


Question: “I’m not in Iowa now. How can I participate?”

Answer: Send me an email and you can connect like everyone who lives right here in Marion.


Question: “Can you tell me again how to watch worship from our church?”

Answer: Sure.

Open Facebook.

If you don’t have Facebook, enter

There is a place at the top of the Facebook page to enter a search. Enter “FPC Marion.”

That takes you directly to our Facebook page.

If you do that at 9 Sunday morning, worship should appear automatically. Or call 303-495-9310 and someone will help.

If you do it at 10 or later, find videos on the left side of the page.

Click on videos and the first choice will be a recording of worship.


I’m wondering how parents, whether two-parents or single parent, are managing in these changed circumstances. How many roles are you filling? Coach, referee, teacher, chef, house cleaner, doctor and nurse, planner-in-chief, mom or dad or both roles, recreational therapist, concerned child of your parents? Even the word stress seems too mild for what you may be carrying. What more can we be doing to support you during this “lock-in”?


If you’re totally underwater, find some ice cream!


Or, read this:


My God! My God,

why have you left me all alone?

Why are you so far from saving me—

so far from my anguished groans.

My God, I cry out during the day,

but you don’t answer’

even at nighttime I don’t stop.


With gratitude,