Pastoral Letter #23

Dear Members and Friends,


A picture of appreciation and hope (below). I appreciated the beauty of yesterday and of the inspiring Iowa sky. The buds on the tree embody the hope I feel about one of our tomorrows when there will be medicine for Covid-19, when it will be safe to go outside and to close the physical space down to zero, when we will be able to shake hands and hug each other, when we can walk into the sanctuary to praise God. It’s about to happen on this tree; our day will come.


Session will be calling a meeting of the congregation in the near future. In order for this meeting to take place electronically, we need to teach as many people as possible how to connect to Zoom. You can connect with your computer for video and audio or by landline telephone for audio. If you want to participate in the congregational meeting and would like assistance learning how to connect to Zoom, send me a note and someone from the congregation will talk you through the Zoom connection process on the telephone. All we need to have a congregational meeting is a quorum, but what would make an excellent meeting would be to have your participation, which would constitute attendance much larger than a simple quorum.


The word I’ve heard in conversation this week is malaise. Malaise is when you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning, when you stay in your pajamas until 3 in the afternoon, when there isn’t anywhere comfortable to sit in your once-comfy home, when you don’t have energy to make a telephone call, when yesterday’s interesting book has lost its appeal, when your once-power appetite has gone missing.


When you’re ready to move away from malaise, decide to do something crazy like calling someone you haven’t talked with in a while, soak in the tub, binge watch something frivolous on television, have a peanut butter and pickle sandwich, offer to teach someone how to connect to Zoom, pray the Lord’s Prayer while making your bed, imagine the warm rays of sun enveloping you in peace and love.

With gratitude,