Dave Dehoff

Worship Bulletin

WORSHIP Sunday, July 25, 2021  9:00 am The Rev. Jim Langley – Pastor  The Rev. Dr. Nancy J. Redman – Parish Associate First Presbyterian Church of Marion, Iowa – 802 12th Street – www.fpcmarion.org  PRELUDE  “Shall We Gather at the River”  Robert A. Hobby  LIFE IN THE CHURCH  TRINITY CHIMES  CALL TO WORSHIP Leader: We […]

Pastoral Letter #27

        Dear Members and Friends,   One of my children played percussion in high school that included performing in a variety of ensembles, constantly packing and loading his drum set, then re-packing and unloading after each performance. He also played in the community symphony.   He played when they needed more than […]

Pastoral Letter #26

        Dear Members and Friends,   Things are all mixed up. I’m not sure what I’m feeling. Are you clearer in your own self about your feelings? We won’t worship in our church building. We won’t gather with friends or family. No sharing a meal. Flowers are on the verge of blooming, […]

Pastoral Letter #25

        Dear Members and Friends,   Good Friday worship begins at noon today and can be seen on Facebook Live. It will be a Prayer of Lament and will be interactive. Good Friday asks us to be emotionally available to Jesus’ suffering and that might bring us closer to our own feelings […]

Pastoral Letter #24

        Dear Members and Friends,   Maundy Thursday   I am always asked this question the afternoon before my birthday: “What do you want for your last supper?” This refers to my last supper in my 38th, 41st, or whatever year it happens to be.   When I was first asked this […]

Pastoral Letter #23

        Dear Members and Friends,   A picture of appreciation and hope (below). I appreciated the beauty of yesterday and of the inspiring Iowa sky. The buds on the tree embody the hope I feel about one of our tomorrows when there will be medicine for Covid-19, when it will be safe […]

Pastoral Letter #22

Dear Members and Friends, We will study Ecclesiastes in our Thursday morning Bible study. Whereas Song of Songs, the book that we finished studying last week, talked about romance, flirtation, sexuality, and love, Ecclesiastes is the book that speaks about vanity of vanities or, to use another translation, “Everything is pointless.” Ecclesiastes speaks a lot […]

Pastoral Letter #20

        Dear Members and Friends,   I’ve been thinking about public education and whether public schools should attempt online education or close for the remainder of this academic year. Even this question may not be insightful because it reduces a complex matter into a binary either/or.   Many teachers are also parents […]

Pastoral Letter #19

Dear Members and Friends,          We worship tomorrow, Palm/Passion Sunday, at 9 a.m. via Facebook Live. Worship leaders are Chayse, Frances, and Cara Lausen.          We will celebrate the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper tomorrow. Detailed  instructions for preparing at home can be found in this newsletter just before […]