Welcome Center

The church is not a building
The church is not a steeple
The church is not a resting place
The church is the people.

Those lines are from a song written by Avery and Marsh, that emphasizes a point often missed today. There are lots of buildings and systems and structures connected with every church. There is a lot of business and a lot of busy-ness that goes on. There are programs and prayers, sermons and services, music and meetings, but none of those things make up the church. The church is the people. We do our best to remember this, here at First Presbyterian of Marion.

We thank you for visiting us here in cyberspace, and would like to invite you to visit us in person. The church is the people, so therefore all people are welcome.

Directions and Map

First Presbyterian Church 802 12th St. Marion, IA 52302 [ebs_seo_cp_map_only width="500" height="500"] Parking Information We have a parking lot on the north-west side of the church building. Driving Directions Directions to the First...

Joining FPC

In the book The Present Future by Reggie McLean, he says,  “Instead of dumping a packet of church club member stuff on [prospective members], why not interview them about what they would like to see happen in their lives in terms of their spiritual de...