Weekly Contact- May 9, 2013

Hello there, It is a busy time of the year.  The school year is winding down and there are concerts and sporting events.  High school proms are going on.  Graduation is coming up and so there are parties to plan for.  Older kids are coming home from college.  And then this Sunday is Mother’s Day.  […]

Weekly Contact- May 2, 2013

Hello there, The May First Press is available.  You may get it electronically by clicking here.  Paper copies are available around the church building. Things are starting to wind down.  Last week was the last regularly schedule Sunday School program for children and youth, so on this Sunday we will be honoring our Christian Education […]

Weekly Contact- April 18, 2013

Hello there, It has been a difficult week, between the horror of the bombing at the Boston Marathon and the terrible explosion down near Waco, TX.  If you are on Facebook or some other social media, you have probably already seen this quote from a Presbyterian minister, the Rev. Fred Rogers: “When I was a […]

Weekly Contact April 11, 2013

Hello there, There is a lot of good stuff going on at, around, and related to FPC Marion over the next couple of weeks.  So let’s start with what is most important: worship.  On Sunday, both the Cherub and Chancel Choirs will be singing at the first service.  In addition, jazz saxophonist, Ray Blue, will […]

Weekly Contact- April 5, 2013

Hello there, This is going out a day late, and I do apologize for that.  I was up at the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary, yesterday, to attend a lecture series by the Rev. Dr. Anna Carter Florence.  She is the preaching professor at the Columbia School of Theology in Atlanta.  Dr. Carter Florence is […]

Weekly Contact– March 28, 2013

Hello there, First off, the April First Press is available on the church’s website.  Paper copies are available in various locations around the church, or you can download by clicking here. Today is Maundy Thursday, and we will be celebrating the last time Jesus sat at table with his disciples.  There will be a communion […]

Weekly Contact- March 21

Hello there, On Tuesday morning, Pope Francis was officially installed as the new head of the Roman Catholic Church.  It is estimated that somewhere between 150,000 and 200,000 people showed up in St. Peter’s Square to witness this historic event.  But probably the one thing that the media talked about the most was his form […]

Weekly Contact– March 7

Hello there, I guess some of you were a bit puzzled by the opening of last week’s weekly contact where it seemed like I was reminiscing about wanting to be Wonder Woman.  If you read it all you realized Pastor Beth was writing it while Judy and I were on vacation.  We had a great […]