Weekly Contact – September 19, 2019

First Presbyterian Church INTERNALLY NURTURING EXTERNALLY SERVING We will be singing this hymn Sunday morning.  God, You spin the whirling plants, Fill the seas and spread the plain, Mold the mountains, fashion blossoms, Call forth sunshine, wind, and rain. E, created in Your image, Would a true reflection be Of Your justice, grace, and mercy […]

Weekly Contact – August 29, 2019

Exciting news!  The Interim Pastor Search Committee has completed its work and Sunday Roger Dana will introduce the Rev. Dr. Terryl (Terry) Purvis-Smith to the congregation.  Pastor Terry will arrive here the week of September 8.  His first service will be September 15.  Thanks to the members of the  IPNC, Roger Dana, Roger Flink, Andrea […]

Special Email: Music Edition

With the changes in the worship schedule for this fall, there will also be changes coming to the music component of the service.  All the music programs and opportunities, Chancel Choir, Adult Bells, Praise Team and children’s music, will continue.  The various groups will participate in the one, 9:00am service on an irregular, rotating schedule.  […]

Weekly Contact – August 15, 2019

Weekly Contact – August 15, 2019 The Interim Pastor Nominating Committee (IPNC) has been hard at work.  Chair Roger Dana reported Sunday that they have selected two for further consideration from the 15 Personal Information Forms they received.  They are now awaiting background and Presbytery to Presbytery reference checks.  When a candidate is selected the […]

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