Mission Trips

Each year the High School youth, those who have completed 9th grade and up, travel to another area of the country to participate in a one week mission trip.  This is just one of the ways the youth participate in the “externally serving” part of our mission statement.  In the past the group has gone to places like New York City, a Native American reservation, and Taylorsville, NC.  These experiences give the youth an opportunity to work in cultures that are not our own.  The youth are involved in various activities and work such as serving in soup kitchens, watching and playing with children, sitting and visiting with those in the nursing homes, and working on home improvement.  They also spend time in worship and reflection with other youth from other parts of the country.  The youth who have gone on these trips express a profound experience where they see God in new ways.  These trips can be a transformational experience.

The middle school youth go on a shorter mission trip each year.  This is usually a 2-4 day experience.  This past year they traveled to  Omaha, NE and learned about life in the inner city and the struggles people face.

There is also opportunity for adults to participate in the transformational experience that mission trips offer.  Previously a group of 16 adults traveled to Joplin, MO and helped rebuild homes from the E5 tornado that went through in May 2011.

This is not the only way we are living out “externally serving.”  There are many other local ministries we support and participate in.

Click below to see a video of the 2019 High School Mission Trip to Pittsburgh, PA.



Click below to see a video of the 2019 Middle School Mission Trip to Omaha, NE.

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